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I have pain in my tummy?

It is not uncommon for people to get the occasional tummy ache. However it can be severe and distressing particularly if associated with other symptoms such as bloating or sickness.

Pains can be either in waves, making it impossible to get comfortable - called colic.

- or constant and worsened by movement that may be a sign of inflammation or peritonitis ( irritation of the lining of the tummy by pus or blood for example ).

If a pain is very severe or associated with general upset such as fevers or dizziness then it is best to seek medical advice to exclude things such as appendicitis, bowel perforation or gallstone inflammation.

The use of simple painkillers, paracetamol or antispasm drugs such as buscopan or antacid drugs Nexium might be first line empirical treatment patients might try for less severe pains. However persistent symptoms should be discussed.

if you are concerned about tummy pain please book with my team for an appointment.

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