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What are piles?

Haemorrhoids (piles) are a common cause of discomfort, bleeding, itching and bulging at the bottom (anus). It can cause one or some or all of these symptoms. It is a difficult thing to discuss and certainly diagnose for oneself as the area is unseen to most of us.

The inner lining of the anus (the haemorrhoids cushions) have a blood supply and when this is either forced in (by straining) or does not drain away the tissue swells. If this is inside then there is no visible swelling but a feeling of internal 'discomfort'.

Remember one person's discomfort is another persons's pain. It is not a reflection of our personality just how we perceive things and some areas are more sensitive to person A rather than person B.

As the tissues swell they secrete more mucus (a natural lubricant of the inner anal canal). This can lead to wetness of the undergarments (pants or knickers) or soiling/skid marks.

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