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Bob Soin


Consultant Surgeon,

 Medicolegal Expert & Healthcare Consultant.

Welcome to My Practice

As an experienced Surgeon based close to London, my patients appreciate the warmth, professional integrity, and open communication that define my medical practice. 
I have extensive medicolegal report writing & advisory experience.
I offer consultancy to help assess, construct and implement a wide range of medical, surgical, endoscopic and radiological ventures.

Laparoscopic & Endoscopic Surgery
Specializing in gallbladder, hernia and acid reflux treatments and surgery.

Your Health Comes First

As a licensed professional Surgeon, I aim to offer state of the art medical services in order to meet my patients’ needs. I’m highly committed to offering high quality care to the Berkshire & Buckinghamshire community. It’s taken me years of hard work to get where I am today, to the point where I can say your health is in good hands.

Endoscopy - Gastroscopy (OGD) & Colonoscopy

Taking Care of You

Through a holistic approach to medicine, I view each patient as a whole rather than a single symptom to be treated. Upper and lower gastrointestinal endoscopy are examples of procedures / tests that  I perform when coming up with a diagnosis. Your health deserves proper care and attention and I’m able to provide. Please contact me today to schedule an appointment.

Nurse Making Notes
Hospital Corridor

Hernia Surgery

The Care You Deserve

Approximately 78,000 inguinal or groin hernia repair operations are performed annually in the UK.

What is a Hernia?

  • A hernia is a gap or space in the strong tissue that holds muscles in place. A hernia occurs when the inside layers of the abdominal muscle have weakened, resulting in a bulge or tear. In the same way that an inner tube pushes through a damaged tire, the inner lining of the abdomen pushes through the weakened area of the abdominal wall to form a small balloon like sac. This can allow a loop of intestine or abdominal tissue to push into the sac. The hernia can cause discomfort, severe pain, or other potentially serious problems that could require emergency surgery.

  • Both men and women can get a hernia.

  • You may be born with a hernia (congenital) or develop one over time.

  • A hernia does not get better over time, nor will it go away by itself. There are no exercises or physical therapy regimen that can make a hernia go away.

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